A selection of our recent projects:

Design of the new climatic wind tunnel for SONGZ Automobile Air Conditioning CO., Ltd. in Shanghai
Aerodynamic design with optimisation of the airline and its components. Evaluation and minimisation of the expected power consumption using analytical and numerical methods. The overall dimensions are 32 x 11 x 6 m.
Aerodynamic support for an Indian motorcycle manufacturer
Support for the R&D center in India regarding testing methods and construction of testbeds as well as analysis and evaluation of experimental and numerical data. Implementation of an aerodynamic development and quality management process.
Aerodynamic development and wind tunnel tests
Design and build of a wind tunnel for a Globetrotter store in Stuttgart
Design and turnkey construction of a wind tunnel. Wind speeds of up to 100 km/h can be achieved to test tents and outdoor clothing. The facility can be operated independently by the customer. Special noise emission and size requirements had to be fulfilled, since the chamber is located within the sales room.
Aero-acoustic optimisation of a vehicle sun roof wind deflector for Webasto
CFD calculations, wind tunnel tests and road tests of series-production wind deflectors and prototypes were performed. The main objective was the validation of CFD simulations with experimental data to accelerate and simplify future developments. Within this project an innovative wind deflector was developed which reduces aerodynamic noise through its optimised shape.
CFD-Simulation of a skydiving wind tunnel for Royal Imtech N.V., Netherlands
Flow calculation of the entire air duct for a skydiving wind tunnel. The power requirement was determined and improvements for further optimisation were identified.
Study to improve the aerodynamic efficiency of a thermodynamic wind tunnel for a leading OEM
Development, evaluation and cost estimation of different modification concepts. CFD simulations with the objective to optimise the entire airline with all components . Evaluation of experimental data to validate numerical simulations.
Funded research project to increase the flow quality in wind tunnels using adaptive test section walls
Validation of one-step-adaption-algorithms on the basis of numerical and experimental investigations, which were performed with a generic car-type body (Ahmed Body) and different wind tunnel blockages.
Project engineering for the new construction of the aerodynamic testing center of the BMW Group
Support over the entire project duration. Specification and requirement management for the aerodynamic characteristics, weighing technology, road simulation, model technology, wind tunnel control system and data management. Analysis and reduction of the influence of a one belt system on Cx-measurements in the model wind tunnel. Eigenfrequency analysis of the weighing system.
Project engineering for the new construction of the BMW Group's energy and environmental test center
Specification of aerodynamic design, rolling road and test bed control systems. Support during construction, testing and initial operation of the test beds. Improvement of the aerodynamic performance, particularly the velocity measurement system and optimisation of the boundary layer removal system. Comparative measurements of different vehicles in the test beds, wind tunnels and on the road.
Design and construction of aerodynamic testing facilities
TU München – Wind tunnel A
Development of an initial modification concept to implement a modular rolling road system including model mount and wheel arms. Design of a boundary layer removal system, collector and noise attenuation concept.
Betrieb von Windkanälen
Toyota F1 wind tunnels
Experimental determination of wind tunnel interferences and development of a correction scheme for measured data in a closed test section.
Betrieb von Windkanälen
Volvo wind tunnel
Experimental determination of wind tunnel interferences and development of a correction scheme for measured data in a closed test section.
Different Projects in the BMW Group's wind tunnels
Support with highly trained personnel in wind tunnel operation and method development.
Manufacturing of clay and fibre composite scale models for production car development and motorsports.
Frequent calibration of wind velocity with certified testing equipment. Investigation of special topics like fan response behavior during dynamic testing (FFD - Flow follows Dyno), flow separation at the fan during acceleration and the aerodynamic influence of cavities. Optimisation of the wind tunnel snow system. Measurement of the vehicles cooling mass flow distribution in various test beds.
Aerodynamic development and wind tunnel tests
Aerodynamic optimisation of bicycles
Racing bicycle wind tunnel experiments with team Milram. Numerous combinations of bicycle and wheelsets were investigated at different velocities and yaw angles regarding drag.

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